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Idea: install ssl

Sherly Aulia at January 21, 2022 at 10:35am EST

Configure Apache to Use SSL Certificates Now that you have created an SSL certificate, you need to tell Apache to use SSL. Open the default virtual host config file with root privileges: sudo nano /etc/apache2/sites-available/default Begin by changing the "" declaration to "", which is the default SSL port.

After that change, add a "ServerName" section within the VirtualHost definition that specifies the domain name or IP address you used when creating your SSL certificate, followed by ":443":

ServerAdmin webmaster@localhost
ServerName example.com:443
. . .

Before closing the file, add the following lines just prior to the "" closing tag:

SSLEngine on SSLCertificateFile /etc/apache2/ssl/apache.crt SSLCertificateKeyFile /etc/apache2/ssl/apache.key Save and close the file.

Force SSL Within PhpMyAdmin We now have to tell phpMyAdmin that SSL must be used whenever a connection is made.

We will do this within a phpMyAdmin configuration file. Open the file with root privileges for editing:

sudo nano /etc/phpmyadmin/config.inc.php Scroll to the bottom of the file and add the following line:

$cfg['ForceSSL'] = true; This is the only line needed to require SSL for phpMyAdmin.

Save and close the file.

Enabling SSL Changes If it is not already enabled, enable the site with the following command:

sudo a2ensite default Restart the Apache service to implement the changes: slot mantul138 daftar mantul138 login mantul138 link alternatif


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sudo service apache2 restart


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Now just so you know, whenever you delete a contact number, contact log or text meaning off your cell phones Sim card it doesn't really get completely erased.

You see Sim cards are very similar to any other bulk storage units and like other hard disks they don't straight away remove erased media.

What they do instead is number the space which was occupied by the wiped record as new re-usable room, but until that place is overwritten by new knowledge, in your situation new messages, numbers etc. your old messages remain there and can be recovered.

To be able to actually recover deleted messages and different data of your Sim card you will have to two things. A USB Simulator card reader and an excellent Sim card information healing program.

The good news is as possible get a USB card audience for less than 5 Dollars these days, and generally you can get a free trial offer variation of a Simulator data recovery program. Thus you should be able to check to see if your communications are recoverable very shortly.

An effective Sim information healing program will be able to recoup all your erased texts, it Recovers all deleted SMS (Inbox unread, outbox deliver, outbox later deliver and deleted messages) at the click of several buttons. It can be able to recuperate call logs, lost cell phone numbers and a number of other missing knowledge from your own Simulator, and you ought to really take a look if you're looking to recuperate removed text messages.

Therefore if you had been thinking May I retrieve a removed mobile phone text information then rest assured as it can certainly easily be iphone deleted messages with the best tools.

All that's necessary is really a USB Simulator card audience and an effective Sim card healing plan and you're great to go. One specific plan I used in combination with good success is Sim Card Data Recovery by Seasoned Data Physician, it is absolve to obtain and really user friendly, check it out below...

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Idea: papu gandu

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papu gandu

When you can prevent it, never clear your car or truck in sunlight or high temperatures. If you are washing the surface of the vehicle, cleaning down the dashboard, or polishing the windows, any liquid you apply on or in your car or truck will disappear quickly in sunlight or heat. Evaporation is a concern for just two reasons. First, you're putting the full time and power into cleaning the vehicle - why produce the task lengthier and more challenging by having to continually re-spray and re-wipe places over and over again? Actually natural water will leave behind spots and lines when it evaporates on top of one's car. Next, contemplate the consequence evaporation of compounds can have when washing the interior of one's car. The water turns to gasoline and is consumed by you and your household members, posing a probably critical wellness risk. If possible, clean your vehicle in the shade to make the process better and in order to avoid endangering your health. This really is just one more purpose to decide for non-toxic vehicle treatment products.

This might appear pretty clear, but vacuuming as much of your car or truck as you can is likely to make washing a whole lot easier. Don't machine just the carpets and upholstery - get out those devices and pull the pull out the dash and out of these little nooks and crannies. The more you vacuum up first, the less you'll need to wash down later. Always remember to cleaner first, before every other interior washing, so you prevent re-contaminating newly cleaned parts when the dust begins to fly.

Believe of all of the things you have throughout the house that can make car cleaning easier. Q-tips are ideal for cleansing those little areas wherever dust collects, including the air vents. Possess some refined air on the pc table? "Dust Off" is great for raging dirt off of your computer keyboard AND out of crevices in your car's console, glass slots and other small spots. A smooth paintbrush is a good instrument for explaining your dashboard. Hold household things like these on hand for car cleaning and you'll have an automobile that's been cleaned totally and efficiently.

Washing your windows and mirrors last can prevent any re-contamination probably to happen from other vehicle care products over-spraying onto the glass. Don't overlook to roll the screen down almost to completely clean the top edge of the glass, and decide to try up-and-down, side-to-side shots rather than rounded activity to guarantee the entire screen has been cleaned and polished.

Ammonia and ammonia fumes cause plastic, plastic, plastic and leather to break and dry, and it may also injury replacement screen tinting. The final issue you intend to do when trying to improve the appearance of your vehicle is prematurely era it with ammonia! Some inside protectant services and products contain silicon, which will change your dashboard and different materials yellow with time. Plastic also leaves behind a deposit which will attract dirt, creating you to have to clean more frequently.

It is generally thought that dishwashing liquid is just a easy replacement car soap. Regrettably, only want it may dry up your skin layer, additionally it dries out the paint on your car by draining out the polymers. Standard use of dishwashing detergent as vehicle wash can accelerate the oxidization of the paint, producing it to look previous, flat, and dull. Prevent destroying your car's color - choose a waterless vehicle wash.

Don't have a clay bar? Don't also know exactly what a clay club is? Not just a problem. You can find incredibly powerful all-purpose automotive cleaners on the market that can tackle hard to wash spots like chicken droppings, insects and new tree sap, however for dried-on drain, use mineral spirits. Use vitamin spirits to the spot and then really carefully wash the sap away with an excellent microfiber towel. Be sure to be as gentle as you possibly can while wiping up and away from the car's surface.

White vinegar is undoubtedly probably the most flexible washing representative you probably presently own. It can be used to completely clean these cold weather sodium stains from your car's rugs, eliminate smells, shine opera, prevent ice from building on your own car's windows, and clean the muck off your wipers that triggers them to pull Bilrengøring the window and blur your view. Additionally, it may eliminate actually the nastiest messes from your car, including gum from carpeting and old stickers from your own bumper. Here are a few useful dishes:

Idea: thanks

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I'm currently listening to Caroline Myss's recording, Sacred Contracts (from Sounds True). Myss is so great for sound bites. Though she sounds as if she's inventing the material, the issue of Soul Contracts is very old.

The idea is that during our interlife (the period before we incarnate in this existence) we make contracts with other souls about what we will be for them. Therefore, if you have an issue with someone in this life, it may well be a soul who contracted with you before you were in a body.

For instance, someone who breaks your heart might have contracted to help you find your true voice. What changes did you make in your life as a result of having your heart broken? Hopefully, it wasn't to simply become cynical and embittered.

If we look at all our relationships through this archetypal light, we can actually save ourselves a lot of pain and resentment; we simply take the lesson for the upset, make whatever changes to enhance our own lives, and move on, trusting that this soul had volunteered to be our "judas."

Myss also directs the listener to create an archetypal map of her own life and cast it along the astrological wheel.

To do this, one lists the different archetypes on small sheets of paper, and makes another list of the astrological houses. Then the direction is to draw a house card with your left hand and an archetype with your right. The process is intended to be synchronistic.

Hence, you'll have the first twelve archetypes to connect with before moving on to a wider arc. So, as an example, if you drew the prostitute archetype in your 7th house of relationship, you would ask yourself where you were willing to sell yourself out for love? Or for another kind of relationship.

Myss came to work with archetypes after decades of doing psychic readings. As a reader she observed certain patterns people were dealing with and it became clear that she could share some powerful ways in which clients could become exceedingly conscious and transformed.

Her method as a reader is to offer guidance rather than answers. I certainly relate to this. We want to know if we're going to get what we think we should have this week or by tomorrow but there's a much bigger soul process at hand.

Sometimes that kind of guidance is entirely overlooked by a client who is struggling with looking for an answer in the wrong place. I've certainly been on both sides of that dilemma. Ultimately it's the higher guidance that leads one out of the problem because the problem may be there so we will have to seek guidance.

The EDM sector is a diverse niche market with market players based around the globe. The range of available products is relatively small; MANN+HUMMEL offer 50 EDM filters, for example.

Why are EDM filters needed for a spark eroding machine? A spark eroding machine is a machine tool used to shape electrically conductive workpieces by removing small particles. An electrically charged electrode is placed in a dielectric (non-conductive) fluid along with the workpiece.

When an electric voltage is applied between the workpiece and the electrode, a spark is generated which removes a particle from the workpiece. If the fluid contains a large amount of particles, however, there is a risk that the spark will be diverted and the wrong part removed. It is therefore essential that the fluid does not contain any impurities, which is where our EDM filters come in. They are there to remove any eroded particles from the liquid.

EDM filters in our everyday lives

The technical ins and outs may sound quite abstract, but the practical benefits can be seen in many everyday devices. For instance, spark eroding machines are used to make tools for producing tooth brush handles. Likewise, the tool for making the small ridges around the edge of the euro coin is produced using a spark eroding machine.

In a more industrial context, the individual blades inside turbines are also produced using a spark eroding machine. This requires a very high level of precision, so extremely fine filters are needed. Even the smallest of deviations from the design can impede the turbine’s rotation, and if you think how fast a turbine rotates, you can imagine the consequences of any flaws.

Spark erosion filter by MANN+HUMMEL Innovative, powerful and efficient

Various designs made of metal and plastic, and filter fineness levels from 1 to 25, provide wire EDM shops with a high level of flexibility in selecting the optimum filter elements for their respective process.

edm filters

MANN+HUMMEL and environmental protection

Increased environmental problems in recent years around the world have led to an increase in public awareness of environmental concerns and nature. MANN+HUMMEL is aware of its economic and ecological responsibility to society. Accordingly, we are committed to an environmental management system dedicated to the continual improvement of our products.

During the development of Mann Hummel metal-free EDM filter series the content of this environmental management system was our top priority. As a result, we have completely eliminated the need for metal components, which is a responsible and efficient use of resources. In addition, MANN+HUMMEL uses modern development and production processes with the emphasis on materials which are environmentally friendly and energetically reusable.

The difference is in the design

Traditional EDM filter elements usually consist of an external housing of metal with a metal centre tube, an internal filter bellow and the two metal end caps bonded with adhesive.

Furthermore there are also hybrid designs available with housings in metal and plastic.

MANN+HUMMEL plastic filters are made of homogeneous plastic and completely free of metal. The shape and weight of all the plastic components has been optimised and the parts are efficiently produced in an injection moulding process. A double bonus for the environment: A modern production process and the easy disposal of the product afterwards conserve resources and support the environment.