The vision of SAU29 is to meet and sustain a high and measurable standard of achievement and personal development for all students. SAU29 realizes that to achieve this vision there are a few priorities we need to cohesively and coherently work on together this year, and for the next five years. These priorities are mapped out in our Strategic Plan.

The development of this plan reflects the efforts of teachers, parents, community members, school board members, principals, and administrators. SAU29 is excited at how well this plan prepares our schools to serve every child and prepare our students for life after high school graduation. SAU29 does realize that we are incorporating national trends into our plan. However, our SAU is doing so at our own speed, in our own way, so that we keep ownership of the process, because we know our students best.

Every school and staff member will be a part of this plan. SAU29 is excited to harness all our combined energy and efforts to help our students.

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